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Luis Camnitzer - The Photograph (1981)

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Arguably the cutest animals in the world. Alpaca in Peru.

Photography: Olivia Rae James

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mohammed alani 2010

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Partial Eclipse at Moonrise by David Malin

A partial lunar eclipse at Moonrise is photographed in a multi-exposure image from Port Hedland, Western Australia.

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You can charge a phone battery by playing music at it

he Queen Mary University of London, a group of scientists has created a prototype panel capable of charging a cellphone off environmental vibrations like music or dinner conversation.

Researchers call the device a “nanogenerator,” and it looks like a flat metal plate with some wires attached. In reality, it’s plastic sprayed with a sheet of tiny zinc oxide rods that generate electricity when squashed or stretched — as they would be in the presence of everyday background noise. The group is building off previous research that found solar cells became more efficient when exposed to acoustic vibrations, especially the high-pitched tones of pop music. This time around, there’s no solar component, just what’s known as piezoelectric energy generation. The research team, which worked in partnership with Nokia, says that these sheets can be produced cheaply and generate five volts of electricity, the same as most phone wall chargers.

Abandoned Bicycles Converted Into Blossoming Planters

COGOO Saddle Blossoms

COGOO, a company that aims to create cleaner cities, envisioned a way to turn the unnoticed trash into a beautiful artistic representation. In their project Saddle Blossoms, COGOO with TBWA/HAKUHODO, recycled the bicycle saddles into an unlikely medium: planters.

COGOO collected dozens of abandoned bikes which sat in the same spot all year long with a mission to turn “an ugly problem into a beautiful solution.” To create the display, COGOO stripped back the surface material of the saddle and planted seeds within.


The company redistributed the bikes around the city, and waited as the Earth’s natural elements helped the plant grow. With the assistance of botanical experts, COGOO planted seeds that would grow at rapid speeds. Over the course of two weeks to a month, sun, water and rain brought the bicycle seats to life with six different types of flowers sprouting from the seat.